New Olympus DSX1000 Digital Microscope Offers Advamced Tools for Faster Failure Analysis

June 10, 2019

Olympus introduces the most powerful digital microscope combining a wide range of low power to high power magnification!

The New Olympus DSX1000 Digital Microscope combines the power of DSX110 and DSX510 offering both high and low magnification to suit your needs. With a tilting factor of up to 90 degrees, this microscope will surely help you capture every angle of your specimen.

Better Images and Results

DSX1000 digital microscopes enable faster failure analysis with guaranteed* accuracy and repeatability.

  • Large Selection of lenses that are easy to change
  • Switch between 6 different observation methods by pushing a button
  • Fast macro to micro viewing
  • Accurate measurements with a telecentric optical system

DSX1000 Digital Microcope Lineup

Choose the model that best suits your needs

Entry Model

Tilt Model

High-Resolution Model

High-End Model

Easy to Use with Basic Functionality

See Your Sample from Many Angles

High-Resolution for Advanced Analysis

6 Observation Methods and Advanced Measurement Functions

Standard zoom head, offering 5 observation methods.

Offers all the features of the Entry model and adds a tilting frame, motorized XY stage, and console.

Universal zoom head adds differential interference contrast imaging, enhanced depth of focus, and high-resolution 3CMOS mode.

Packed with advanced features, this model features the universal zoom head and adds a tilting frame and motorized XY stage with rotation (+ 90°).

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