Olympus SC180

Microscope Digital Cameras
Detail. Speed. Comfort.

On-screen images must meet high quality standards, and meeting these demands relies on several properties such as resolution, color balance, live image speed, low noise, and 4K digital imaging.

Resolving Power
Higher resolution captures a higher level of detail. With 18 megapixels, clearly image the structures and details, especially with low magnification objectives.

Fast 4K UHD Live Image
4K ultra-high definition (UHD) systems include high-resolution monitors, cameras, and software that, together, provide images that are both larger and more detailed than previously possible. Complementing the increased resolution, 4K cameras also featured additional technological advances for outstanding image quality. 4K digital imaging opens the door to new opportunities in microscopy, enhancing both sample analysis and your presentations.

One-Click Imaging The camera makes it easy for you to acquire true-to-life images thanks to precision focusing, noise cancellation, and accurate color representation. Imaging with low noise enables you to see the sample clearly, while high-fidelity color representation is vital for interpreting staining patterns with accuracy and confidence.

Fast and Easy-to-Use
Fast live imaging regardless of the illumination conditions facilitates an efficient workflow, while the on-screen live image helps you remain comfortable during observations. High frame rates provide fluid visual sample navigation, and real-time image processing delivers high throughput.

Clearly Reveal Your Sample’s Finest Details

Capture and document tiny details even at very low magnification
With almost four times more pixels than a standard microscope camera, the SC180 camera utilizes the optical resolution of the objectives, making it a good choice for any application that requires display, measurement, and analysis to document your sample´s details and structures.

Detail zoom of an image acquired with a standard 5-megapixel camera, UPlanSApo 20x, 1x TV-adaptor
Detail zoom of an image acquired with an SC180 18-megapixel camera, UPlanSApo 20x, 1x TV-adaptor

Affordable 4K UHD
4K Microscopy Ready

Wide-Screen Presentations and Group Consultations
Digital imaging has revolutionized sharing microscope images. The SC180 camera offers even more, with a fast 4K UHD live image. This enables fast, comfortable, and user-friendly on-screen operation that enhances sample observation, facilitates effective collaborations, and engages the audience during presentations.

Unlike multi-head microscopes, 4K microscopy systems have features that enable flexible and engaging teaching and collaboration. With a camera and UHD monitor, large groups of students and scientists can view and discuss your sample. When showing a live image, pan across your sample and zoom in to display fine details and engage your audience.

The 4K UHD SC180 microscope camera enables you to view a sample’s fine details live on-screen.

Accurate Image Quality
One-Click Imaging

Real-time image processing capabilities create low-noise images with accurate color reproduction. Olympus Smart Image Averaging (OSIA) helps capture the sample’s details regardless of imaging conditions. The automatic white balance (AWB) removes unwanted color casts automatically during live image acquisition, while high-fidelity colors are represented immediately using Olympus’ dedicated color reproduction technology. Predefined color modes are supported, enabling the operator to tailor the camera to the requirements of different applications.

Nearly Noise-Free Images

The SC180 camera features OSIA (Olympus Smart Image Averaging), our exclusive active noise reduction technology. OSIA works in live mode without reducing the frame rate or introducing artifacts and without the need of active sensor cooling. This powerful technology helps you capture the details of your sample regardless of imaging conditions.

Standard camera without OSIA

SC180 camera with OSIA

Active noise reduction helps make details that would otherwise be blurred by noise visible. OSIA cancels image noise without reducing the frame rate or introducing artifacts, delivering clear images. (Specimen: Human colon)

Automatic White Balance

Already active in the live image, automatic white balance (AWB) removes unwanted color casts captured under common illumination conditions. Using AWB, you can freely change illumination conditions and the images will keep their neutral color balance. Automatically applied to snapshots, the AWB minimizes the need for white balance correction after image capture.

Excellent Color Reproducibility

Our color profiling technology provides excellent color fidelity and reproduction without user intervention. This fully integrated ICC color reproduction technology preserves even the small color details and subtle color variances. At every stage, from eyepieces to the monitor, an accurate image is acquired and displayed. An integrated raw data shading correction and sharpness filter offer additional benefits to view the fine details of your sample.

Advanced Performance And Easy To Use
Accelerate Your Daily Work

When controlled by Olympus imaging software, working with the SC180 camera is convenient and intuitive, helping increase productivity and throughput. In addition to enhancing image quality, digital features also add to the camera’s usability, helping you quickly navigate to an area of interest and bring it into focus. The camera’s fluid movement during panning provides speed and comfort for users with a high sample volume.

  • Sharp images: Focus Peaking technology makes it simple to acquire high-quality images
  • Fast navigation: high frame rates enable you to navigate through your sample quickly while the Fast Live function maintains the frame rate, no matter the exposure
  • Panoramic imaging: automatic and manual image stitching quickly combines images from multiple regions into a single image
  • Easy image sharing: process your images for documentation and sharing
Focus Peaking

Using the focus peaking technology, the desired area can be easily brought into focus

Normally, focusing on different layers of a tissue sample is time consuming when analyzing many regions. The Focus Peaking technology shows in real-time which parts of the sample are in focus, enabling you to acquire sharp images. Two user-selectable and customizable Focus Peaking modes directly highlight all focused areas in the live image.

Fast Live Frame Rates

The Image Navigator function gives you an overview of the acquired image and helps to switch between different areas of interest.

High frame rates enable you to navigate through your samples quickly, while the Fast Live function maintains a high frame rate no matter the exposure. This helps you quickly locate suitable specimen segments directly on-screen, adjust the microscope parameters, pan, and focus. The CMOS sensor delivers up to 59 frames per second (fps), so you can have the confidence to work completely on-screen—especially important when evaluating a high volume of samples.

Faithful Panoramic Imaging

Digital image stitching (manual or automatic) can expand the field of view to analyze large areas of interest

Simply move the XY stage to combine images captured from multiple sample regions into a single panoramic image with instant multiple image alignment (MIA). Add a motorized stage to fully automate the image stitching process.

Easy Integration and Handling

Image: A BX53M microscope, SC180 camera, and OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software.

The SC180 camera easily integrates into existing microscope setups. The camera uses a single USB 3.0 cable for high-speed data transfer and power supply. It can be mounted quickly and easily on any microscope equipped with a standard C-mount adaptor, making it simple to install. Combined with Olympus imaging software, you can experience a seamless interaction between the microscope, camera, and additional devices, delivering intuitive and efficient operation. Images can later be processed and measured and then easily shared with others.

Image Sensor Color CMOS
Resolution (max.) 4912 × 3684 pixels (4:3)
3840 × 2160 pixels (4K UHD 16:9)
1920 × 1080 pixels (Full?HD 16:9)
Pixel Size 1.25 × 1.25 µm
Binning 2 × 2, 4 × 4
A/D Converter (Bit Depth) 12 bits
Exposure Times 22 µs–1s
Live Frame Rates 10.5 fps at 4,912 × 3,684 pixels (4:3)
23.6 fps at 2,456 × 1,842 pixels (4:3)
45 fps at 1,224 × 920 pixels (4:3)
14fps at 4,912 × 2,762 pixels (16:9)
25 fps at 3,840 × 2,160 pixels (4K UHD 16:9)
31 fps at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels (Full HD 16:9)
59 fps at 1,224 × 688 pixels (16:9)
Cooling System Passively cooled
External Trigger -
Data Transfer USB 3.0
Color Profiles Olympus real-time ICC color profiles
Partial Readout ?
Remarks USB 3.0 interface
4K UHD and Full HD support, 16:9 aspect ratio
Automatic White Balance (AWB)
Focus Peaking Manual Focus Assist
OSIA - Olympus Smart Image Averaging (active noise reduction)
Fast Live (high frame rate in low light conditions)
PC Control Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit only)
Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (64 bit only)
Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit only)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 58 mm × 58 mm × 32 mm
Weight Approx. 188 g
Camera Mount C-mount
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