Olympus AL120

Semiconductor Microscope
Precision Flexibility
Accommodates Multiple Wafer Sizes

The ability to accommodate different wafer sizes is a key for expanding fabs. The AL120 series consists of three models based on wafer diameter, the 200 mm (AL120-L8), the combination 150 mm and 200 mm (AL120-L86) and the 150 mm model for wafer sizes of 150 mm or less (AL120-L6). Each system is designed for wafer transfer and microscope inspection. Topside and backside macro inspections are also available for all wafer sizes.

Wafer Size and Thickness

Thin Wafer Inspection

To meet the demands of thin wafer manufacturers, the new arm design of the AL120-LMB-90 model can handle a full cassette of 90 ┬Ám wafers.

Serial Interface for Software Control

Inspection parameters and recipes of the AL120 can be controlled through an optional RS232C serial interface. Equipment manufacturers and labs with internal inspection software can enhance automation and efficiency by incorporating the AL120 Wafer Handler. The serial interface uses Dynamic Link Library (DLL), making integration simple with application specific software.

Precision Functionality
Macro Inspection - 360 Degree Rotation (Simulation)
Enhances Macro Inspection
  • Macro inspection features a 360-degree self-rotating function for a complete macro inspection of the wafer's top and back surface allowing for easy identification of defects and particles.
  • The built-in joystick controls the tilt of the wafer during topside macro inspection. Operators can adjust the angle of the wafer to optimize inspection results.
Easy to Operate
  • To meet the demands of varying inspection routines, the AL120 is recipe driven with ten programmable system configurations including specific cassette types, wafer specifications and transfer speed. Quick push button selection allows the operator to load different products instantly.
  • Wafer handler parameters and recipe settings are displayed on the LCD display. Operators can now confirm routines and results before and after inspection.
  • The AL120 provides non-contact optical centering and notch/flat detection and alignment that reduces the contact between the wafer and equipment, improving wafer cleanliness.
Precision Reliability
Wafer and Operator Safety
  • The AL120 design employs advanced safety functions, which maximizes wafer safety. The 3-sensor system continuously monitors wafer positions throughout the transfer process ensuring safe and proper retrieval, transfer, loading and unloading. These features prevent damage from loading more than one wafer into the slot and pick-up of accidental cross-slots.
  • Designed with ergonomic, safety and environmental considerations, the AL120 adheres to SEMI S2 and S8 standards and is also RoHS compliant.
Robust and Reliable Microscope Platform

The AL120 interfaces with the Olympus MX series of dedicated wafer inspection microscopes that provide exceptional image resolution and clarity through a wide range of observation methods including brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), near-IR (near-infrared) and DUV (deep ultraviolet). The motorized objective turret and aperture stop are interlocked, allowing optimal illumination and contrast of each objective lens. The AL120 can also be adapted to other microscope models on a special order basis.

Ergonomic Stage Options
  • Quick release manual vacuum stage optimizes operator comfort and efficiency. X-Y control and wafer rotation are standard.
  • Further automating the inspection process, the motorized stage can be controlled via a joystick or via pre-programmed routines. One push button drives the stage to and from the load/unload position and home position. (Motorized stage may not be available in some areas)
Wafer Loader AL120 Specifications*1
  200 mm Type 200 mm / 150 mm Convertible Type 150 mm Type
Wafer Size (SEMI Standard) 200mm 200mm / 150mm 150mm / 
125mm / 
Minimum Wafer Thickness 90µm 180µm 400µm 150µm
Type of Cassette*2 SEMI stad. 25 (26)-slot
Number of Cassette 1
Inspection Recipe All / Sampling
Inspection Sequence Micro (Microscope) YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Top Macro YES YES   YES   YES  
Back Macro YES YES   YES   YES  
2nd. Back Macro YES YES   YES   YES  
Wafer Orientation (Every 90°) Non-contact (O.F./Notch) Non-contact (O.F.)
External Control*3 YES YES YES YES YES YES YES
Compatible Microscope Model Olympus Semiconductor Inspection Microscope MX61
Dimensions (mm) 640 (W) x 620 (D) x 378 (H) Body Only, 1100 (W) x 620 (D) x 378 (H) with Microscope 570 (W) x 620 (D) x 400 (H) Body Only, 980 (W) x 620 (D) x 400 (H) with Microscope
Weight (kg) (Main Body Only) 44 44 41 44 41 40 37
Utility (Power Consumption/Vacuum) AC100 V - 120 V, 1 A, or AC 220 V - 240 V, 0.5 A 50/60 Hz, -67 to -80 kpa, 20 Liter/min or higher

*1 All types of wafers must be tested in advance, please contact your local Olympus office.
*2 Up to 10 types of wafer and/or cassette combinations can be registered at one time.
*3 Optional interface, Compatible OS: Windows7 (32-bit/64-bit)

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