Olympus BX53M

Metallurgical Microscopes
Ease Of Use
Traditional Techniques Made Easy: Simple Illuminator The illuminator minimizes complicated actions that are usually necessary during microscope operation. A dial at the front of the illuminator enables the user to easily change the observation method. An operator can quickly switch between the most frequently used observation methods in reflected light microscopy, such as from brightfield, to darkfield, to polarized light, in order to readily change between different types of analysis. In addition, simple polarized light observation is adjustable by rotating the analyzer. Intuitive Microscope Controls: Simple FS and AS Settings Using the proper aperture stop and field stop settings provides good image contrast and makes full use of the numerical aperture of the objective. The legend guides the user to the correct setting based on the observation method and objective in use. Find the Focus Quickly: Focus Scale Index The focus scale index on the frame supports quick access to the focal point. Operators can roughly adjust the focal point without viewing the sample through an eyepiece, saving time when inspecting samples that are different heights. For Consistent Illumination: Light Intensity Manager During the initial setup, the illumination intensity can be adjusted to match the specific hardware configuration of the coded illuminator and/or coded nosepiece. Easy and Comfortable Operation A system design affects users' work efficiency. Both standalone microscope users and those integrating with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software benefit from convenient handset controls that clearly display the hardware position. The simple handsets enable the user to focus on their sample and the inspection they need to perform. A System Designed for Image Analysis For Restoring Microscope Settings? Coded Hardware Coded functions integrate the system settings of the BX53M with OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software. The observation method, illumination intensity, and magnification are automatically recorded by the software and stored with the associated images. Since operators can always conduct inspections with the same observation settings, reliable inspection results can be delivered.
- The Invisible Becomes Visible: MIX Observation - Create All-in-focus Images: EFI - Easily Move the Stage for Panorama: Instant MIA - Capture Both Bright and Dark Areas: HDR - Adaptable to Suit Observational and Analysis Preferences - Accommodates a Wide Range of Samples
Precision Optics
- Superior Optical Performance: Wave Front Aberration Control - Stable Color Temperature and High-Intensity White LED Illumination - Support Precise Measurement: Auto Calibration - Seamless Stitching : Image Shading Correction
Fully Customizable
- Various configurations to meet users' requirements - Modular Design, Build Your System Your Way

BX53M Specifications (for Reflected and Reflected/Transmitted Light Combination)

Optical syste/td> UIS2 optical system (infinity-corrected)
Microscope frame Illumination Reflected/transmitted Reflected
Focus Stroke: 25 mm
Fine stroke per rotation: 100 ?m
Minimum graduation: 1 ?m
With upper limit stopper, torque adjustment for coarse handle
Stroke: 30 mm
Fine stroke per rotation: 200 ?m
Minimum graduation: 2 ?m
With torque adjustment for coarse handle
Max. specimen height 35 mm (w/o spacer)
75 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)
65 mm (w/o spacer)
105 mm (with BX3M-ARMAD)
Depends on the mounting configuration
Observation tube Wide-field FN 22 Inverted: binocular, trinocular, tilting binocular
Erect: trinocular, tilting binocular
Super-wide-field FN 26.5 Inverted: trinocular
Erect: trinocular, tilting trinocular
Reflected light illumination Traditional observation technique BX3M-RLAS-S
Coded, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism)
White LED, BF/DIC/POL/MIX FS, AS (with centering mechanism)
100W halogen lamp, white LED, BF/DF/DIC/POL/MIX/ FS, AS (with centering mechanism),
BF/DF interlocking, ND filter
White LED, 100W halogen
Fiber illumination, BF/DIC/POL/MIX
Fluorescence BX3M-URAS-S
Coded, 100W mercury lamp, 4 position mirror unit turret, (standard: WB, WG, WU+BF etc)
With FS, AS (with centering mechanism), with shutter mechanism
Transmitted light White LED
Abbe/long working distance condensers
Revolving nosepiece For BF Sextuple, centering sextuple, septuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)
For BF/DF Sextuple, quintuple, centering quintuple, coded quintuple (optional motorized revolving nosepieces)
Stage Coaxial left (right) handle stage:
76 mm × 52 mm, with torque adjustment
Large-size coaxial left (right) handle stage:
105 mm × 100 mm, with locking mechanism in Y-axis
Large-size coaxial right handle stage:
150 mm × 100 mm, with torque adjustment and locking mechanism in Y-axis
Weight Approx. 18.3 kg
(Microscope frame 7.6 kg)
Approx. 15.8 kg
(Microscope frame 7.4 kg)
Approx. 11.1 kg
(Microscope frame 1.9 kg)
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