Micro Spectrophotometer

Olympus USPM-RU-W

Micro Spectrophotometer
Near-Infrared Micro-Spectrophotometer
  • Reflectivity, Film thickness, Object color, and transmittance measured in seconds
  • Wide range of wavelength from 380 to 1050 nm
  • Measures reflectivity on curved surface without contact
Measure Reflectivity

Measure the reflectivity of a minute area with a diameter ranging from 17 to 70 um

Optical Path of Reflectivity Measurement

Example of reflectivity measurement : lens

Example of reflectivity measurement : lens curvature

Measure Film Thickness

Film Thickness Measurement Screen-shot

Use reflectivity data to measure the thickness of single-layer or multi-layer films of approximately 50 nm to 10 micrometer.
Measure Object Color

Object Color Measurement Screen-shot

Display an XY chromaticity diagram, an L*a*b* chromaticity diagram, and their related numeric values based on reflectivity data.

Measure Transmission Levels (Available As An Option)

Measure the transmittance of a plane sample by transmitting 2 mm parallel beams of lights through the sample to the spectrophotometry acceptance elements.

Optical Path of Transmittance Measurement

Measure Reflectivity At An Incidence Angle Of 45 Degrees?Available As An Option?

Measure the reflectivity at an incidence angle of 45 degrees by reflecting 2 mm parallel beams of lights to the spectrophotometry acceptance elements.

Optical Path of 45-degree Reflectivity Measurement

Provides High-speed Measurement

Quick, high repeatability measurements can be achieved in seconds using a flat field grating, line sensor and high-speed spectrophotometry.

Optical system image

Optimally Suited For Reflectivity Measurement Of Extremely Small Parts And Lenses

Olympus has designed a new dedicated objective lens that provides non-contact measurements across an area of 17 to 70 ?m diameters. The new lens provides high repeatability on even curved surfaces or minute electronic parts.

Image of reflectivity measurment

Anti-reflection Processing Is Not Required On The Back Of The Sample

Accurate measurement of surface reflectivity can be performed without the costly steps needed to prevent rear surface reflection. Rear surface-reflected light is reduced by means of special optics that block all out-of-focus light reflection similar to a confocal system. Whether your optical component is spherical,aspherical or flat, the USPM-RU-W does not require sample preparation through anti-reflection treatments.

Principle of backside reflection elimination

Available Film Thickness Measurement Methods

The single-layer or multi-layer film thickness can be analyzed according to the measured spectral reflectivity data. You can select the optimum measurement method for the application.

Peak-valley Method

Peak valley film thickness analysis result

This method is used to calculate film thickness based on the periods between the peaks and valleys of the measured spectral reflectivity value, and is effective for measuring single-layer film. No complicated settings are required, so measuring film thickness is easy.

Fourier Transform Method

Fourier transform film thickness analysis result

This method is used to calculate film thickness based on the periods between measured spectral reflectivity values, and is effective for measuring single-layer and multilayer films. The Fourier transform method eliminates noise, thus making analysis possible when it is difficult to detect peak and valley values.

Curve Fit Method

Curve fitting film thickness analysis result

This method is used to calculate film thickness by estimating which structure has the smallest difference between the measured spectral reflectivity and the calculated reflectivity for that structure, and is effective for measuring single-layer and multilayer films. The curve fit method also makes it possible to analyze thin film in which peak and valley values are not apparent.

Diverse Application

Satisfies Diverse Measurement Needs at High Speed and With High Precision

Evaluation of Lens Coating for reflectivity,color and film thickness.


Mobile Phone Camera Lenses
Projector Lenses
Digital Camera Lenses
Spectacle Lenses

Examining the Reflectivity and Film Thickness of Minute Electronic Parts.

LED Packages
Printed Circuit Boards

Reflectivity, Film Thickness and Transmittance measurment of Planar Optical Elements.

LCD color filters
Optical Films

Optical Elements Reflectivity at an Incident Angle of 45 Degrees.


USPM-RU-W NIR Micro-Spectrophotometer: Specifications
  Reflectivity measurement Transmittance Measurement*1 Reflectivity Measurement for 45-Degrees*1  
Name NIR Micro-Spectrophotometer Transmittance measurement set for  45-degree reflectance measurement set for   
NIR Micro-Spectrophotometer NIR Micro-Spectrophotometer  
Model USPM-RU-W  
Measured wavelength 380 to 1050 nm  
Measurement method Compared with a reference sample for measurement Transmissivity is measured with 100% as standard Compared with a reference sample for measurement  
Measurement range See the specifications of the objective lens below Approx. 2.0 mm in diameter  
Measurement repeatability(3?) *2 Reflectivity measurement During use of 10x and 20x objective lenses ±0.02% or less (430 to 1010 nm)  ±0.3% or less (430 to 1010 nm)   
±0.2% or less (Except as described above) ±1.0% or less (Except as described above)  
During use of a 40x objective lens ±0.05% or less (430 to 950 nm)     
±0.5% or less (Except as described above)  
Film thickness measurement ±1%? -  
Wavelength display resolution 1nm  
Lighting accessory Dedicated halogen light source, JC12V 55W (Average life: 700 hours)  
Shift stage Loading surface size: 200 (W) x 200 (D) mm   
With stand load: 3 kg   
Operating range: (XY) ±40 mm, (Z) 125 mm  
Tilt stage ? Loading surface size: 140 (W) x 140 (D) mm   
Withstand load: 1 kg   
Operating range: (XT) ±1*, (YT) ±1*  
Weight Main body: Approx. 26 kg (not including PC) Main body: Approx. 31 kg (not including PC)*3  
Control power box: Approx. 6.7 kg  
Dimensions Main body: 360 (W) x 446 (D) x 606 (H) mm Main body: 360 (W) x 631 (D) x 606 (H) mm  
Control power box: 250 (W) x 270 (D) x 125 (H) mm (Protruding parts are not included)  
Power specifications Input specifications: AC 100-240V (110V) 50/60Hz  
Operating environment Horizontal place not subject to vibration   
Temperature: 15 ºC to 30 ºC   
Humidity: 15% to 60% RH (Free from dew condensation)  

*1 Optional unit *2 Measured under the measurement conditions of our company. *3 The total weight of both the transmissivity measurement set and 45-degrees reflectivity measurement set installed is approx. 33 kg.

Objective lens
Magnification 10x 20x 40x
Measurement NA*4 0.12 0.24 0.24
Measurement range*5 70?m 35?m 17.5?m
Operating distance 14.3mm 4.2mm 2.2mm
Operating distance ±5 mm or more ±1 mm or more ±1 mm or more

*4 It differs from objective lens NA.
*5 Spot diameter

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