Olympus SZ51

Stereo Zoom Microscopes
Compact Design Compatible With High Optical Performance
Greenough Optical System Ray Diagram
Greenough Optical System

SZ51/61 have zoom ratios of 5:1 and 6.7:1 (zoom range 0.8x-4x and 0.67x-4.5x) respectively and are affordably priced yet off the highest resolving power in their price range and are available with either 45 or 60 degree inclination angles for observation.
Utilizing the Greenough optical design, all zoom bodies incorporate the latest aberration and distortion-free optics that set a new standard in optical quality while maintaining superior operability.
The V-shape optical path ensures a slim zoom body - ideal for integration into other equipment or stand alone use.

3 Dimensional Viewing

The optimum inward angle allows just the right combination of high level flatness and depth of focus for 3D viewing. Even a specimen with significant depth can be brought into focus from top to bottom for faster inspection

Observation Images with High Color Fidelity

Superior optical coatings render true color images with fine detail.

ESD Measures for Protecting Devices from Static Electricity

The main unit and major accessories can quickly eliminate static electricity with the use of antistatic materials and coatings. This prevents a specimen under observation from electrostatic damage.

Microscope Bodies According to Your Application

The SZ51/61 are available as 45-degree or 60-degree oriented models suitable for use with bench stands or OEM integration. The SZ61TR is video/digital camera ready with a built in c-mount optically matched to the zoom body, that guarantees parfocal, sharp images when a camera is attached.

Variety Of Illumination Units
Coaxial Reflected Light Illumination System
Dual Interlock Light Guide Illuminator
LED Illumination Stand
White LED Illuminator *The Model Of The LED Illuminator May Vary With Area.
LED Illumination - Combination Reflected and Transmitted Light Stand

Ultra thin and eco-friendly LED stands provide energy efficient trouble free usage.

"Off the Bench" Illuminator

This specially designed fiber optic light source can mount directly onto the stand for a clutter free workspace. Available with single, double interlock or ring light guides, this system will provide bright long life illumination.

Coaxial Reflected Light Illumination System

The SZ61 combines a polarizer and a 1/4? plate for easier viewing of specimens, which are difficult to examine under oblique reflected light illumination.

White LED Illuminator System

A long-lasting ringlight illuminator with minimal thermal effect and superior brightness is ideal for homogeneous lighting.

Universal Stands
Combination Of SZ2-ST
Combination Of SZ2-STU2
Combination Of SZ2-STU3

Various Universal Stands Available
Curved ultra-slim stands with contoured base plates provide easy specimen access while reducing stress and strain to one's hands and arms.

For inspection or assembly of larger samples Olympus offers a variety of boom stands which are adjustable and ESD safe. Large platform stands are also available and if required, can accept auxillary posts of 400mm and 600mm.

SZ2-STU2: The arm's angle and length can freely be adjusted.
SZ2-STU3: The stand is clamped on the side of a desk for assembly and inspection lines.

Recording And Storage Of Digital Images
Our full line of digital cameras are easily adaptable to the SZ61TR and available as stand alone systems or PC controllable. Software modules vary from simple capture to measurement, report generation and database archiving.
Optical System Greenough Optical System
Total Magnification 2.0x-270x [SZ61]*1 2.4x-240x [SZ51]*1
Zoom Body Zoom Ratio 6.7 (0.67x-4.5x) [SZ61] 5 (0.8x-4x) [SZ51]
AS -
Observation Tube Binocular (Tube Inclination Angle 45°/60°)/Trinocular Observation Tube (0.5x Photographic Lens Built-in) [SZ61] Binocular Observation Tube (Tube Inclination Angle 45°/60°) [SZ51]
Objective Lens Magnification Type N.A. W.D. (mm) Total Magnification *2 Field Diameter of View (mm)*2
0.3x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.02 - 0.024 350 - 250 2x - 13.5x [SZ61] 2.4x - 12x [SZ51] Ø109.5 - Ø16.3 [SZ61] Ø91.7 - Ø18.3 [SZ51]
0.4x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.027 - 0.032 250 - 180 2.7x - 18x [SZ61] 3.2x - 16x [SZ51] Ø82.1 - Ø12.2 [SZ61] Ø68.8 - Ø13.8 [SZ51]
0.5x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.036 200 3.4x - 22.5x [SZ61] 4x - 20x [SZ51] Ø65.7 - Ø9.8 [SZ61] Ø55 - Ø11 [SZ51]
0.62x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.042 160 4.2x - 27.9x [SZ61] 5x - 24.8x [SZ51] Ø53 - Ø7.9 [SZ61] Ø44.4 - Ø8.9 [SZ51]
0.75x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.053 130 5x - 33.8x [SZ61] 6x - 30x [SZ51] Ø43.8 - Ø6.5 [SZ61] Ø36.7 - Ø7.3 [SZ51]
1x - 0.071 110 6.7x - 45x [SZ61] 8x - 40x [SZ51] Ø32.8 - Ø4.9 [SZ61] Ø27.5-Ø5.5 [SZ51]
1.5x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.1 61 10.1x - 67.5x [SZ61] 12x - 60x [SZ51] Ø21.9 - Ø3.3 [SZ61] Ø18.3 - Ø3.7 [SZ51]
2x Auxiliary Objective Lens 0.142 38 13.4x - 90x [SZ61] 16x - 80x [SZ51] Ø16.4 - Ø2.4 [SZ61] Ø13.8 - Ø2.8 [SZ51]
Dimensions 194(W)x253(D)x368(H)mm
Weight 3.5 kg (in Standard Combination)`
Remark *1 total magnification range possible by combining an objective lens and eyepiece *2 in the case of using eyepiece 10x
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