Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

Olympus OLS5000

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Precise Imaging
With the capability to make accurate 3D measurements on a wide range of sample types, the system delivers reliable data for quality assurance and process control.
4X Faster That Its Predecessor
VLSI Standard 80 Nm Height Sample (MPLFLN10XLEXT)

The microscope's scanning algorithm delivers improved data quality and greater speed to reduce the scan time and streamline your workflow, resulting in better productivity.

PEAK Algorithm
The OLS5000 microscope incorporates a PEAK algorithm for 3D data construction. This algorithm provides highly accurate data from low to high magnifications and reduces the data acquisition time.

Skip Scan
When measuring the shape of steps on a sample containing near-vertical planes, such as an electronic component or MEMS, the data acquisition time can be reduced by limiting the Z-direction scanning range. A 700 ?m step can be measured in about 15 seconds without degrading the accuracy (when the MPLAPON20x objective is used).

Other speed-enhancing technologies

  • Band scan
  • 1-line data acquisition
Easy To Operate
Measurement Of The Area/volume In The Specified Region.
Measurement Of R And The Height From The Reference Plane Based On The Automatic Recognition Of A Cir
Measurement Of The Difference In Angle Between Two Specified Regions.
Measurement Of The Step Height Difference And Distance Between Two Specified Regions.
Measurement Of The Surface Roughness In The Specified Region.
Measurement Of The Width By Automatically Detecting Edges In The Specified Region.

Work efficiently: simple operating procedures
The system features automatic data capture, so difficult setting adjustments are no longer necessary. Even users with minimal training can still obtain accurate results.

Simplify the measurement area
00:00 | 00:19 The simple analysis function measures the step, line width, surface roughness, area, and volume only in the specified measurement areas. The causes of variance in the measurement results, such as the edge position and the threshold of the reference planes in volume analysis, are automatically detected so that the measurement results are stable and not affected by the operator’s skill level.

Longer Working Distance For Larger Samples
Connecting Rod
Piston Head

Compatible with samples up to 210 mm tall
The extension frame for the OLS5000 microscope accommodates samples with a height of up to 210 mm, while the ultra-long working distance objective facilitates measurement of concavities as deep as 25 mm.
In both cases, all you have to do is place the sample on the stage.

Product Lineup

OLS5000-SAF Setup Example


  • 100mm motorized stage
  • Maximum height of sample: 100mm


  • 100mm motorized stage
  • Maximum height of sample: 210mm


  • 100mm motorized stage
  • Maximum height of sample: 40mm


  • 100mm motorized stage
  • Maximum height of sample: 150mm


  • 300mm motorized stage
  • Maximum height of sample: 37mm

PC & Control unit

Model OLS5000-SAF OLS5000-SMF OLS5000-LAF OLS5000-EAF OLS5000-EMF
Total magnification 54x - 17,280x
Field of view 16um - 5,120um
Measurement principle Optical system Reflection-type confocal laser scanning laser microscope Reflection-type confocal laser scanning laser-DIC microscope Color Color-DIC
Light receiving element Laser: Photomultiplier (2ch) Color: CMOS color camera
Height measurement Display resolution 0.5nm
Dynamic range 16 bits
Repeatability ?n-1*1 *2 *5 5X?0.45?m, 10X?0.1?m, 20X : 0.03?m, 50X : 0.012?m, 100X : 0.012?m
Accuracy *1 *3 *5 0.15+L/100?m (L:Measuring length[?m])
Accuracy for stitched image *1 *3 *5 10X?5.0+L/100 ?m, 20X or higher : 1.0+L/100 ?m (L: Stitching length [?m])
Measurement noise (Sq noise) *1 *4 *5 1nm
Width measurement Display resolution 1nm
Repeatability 3?n-1 *1 *2 *5 5X : 0.4 ?m, 10X : 0.2 ?m, 20x : 0.05 ?m, 50X : 0.04 ?m, 100X : 0.02 ?m
Accuracy *1 *3 *5 Measurement value +/- 1.5%
Accuracy for stitched image *1 *3 *5 10X : 24+0.5L ?m, 20X : 15+0.5L ?m, 50X : 9+0.5L ?m, 100X : 7+0.5L ?m (L: Stitching length [mm])
Maximum number of measuring points in a single measurement 4096 x 4096 pixel
Maximum number of measuring points 36 Mpixel
XY stage configuration Length measurement module NA NA NA
Operating range 100 x 100mm Motorized 100 x 100mm Manual 300 x 300 mm Motorized 100 x 100mm Motorized 100 x 100mm Manual
Maximum sample height 100mm 30mm 37mm 210mm 140mm
Laser light source Wavelength 405nm
Maximum output 0.95 mW
Laser class Class 2 (IEC60825-1:2007, IEC60825-1:2014)
Color light source White LED
Electrical power 240 W 240 W 278 W 240 W 240 W
Mass Microscope body Approx. 31 kg Approx. 32 kg Approx. 50 kg Approx. 43 kg Approx. 44 kg
Control box Approx. 12 kg

  • Guaranteed when used in constant temperature and constant-temperature environment (temperature: 20?C±1?C, humidity: 50%±1%) specified in ISO554(1976), JIS Z-8703(1983).
  • For 20x or higher, when measured with MPLAPON LEXT series objectives.
  • When measured with dedicated LEXT objective.
  • Typical value when measured with MPLAPON100XLEXT objective, and may differ from the guaranteed value.
  • Guaranteed under Olympus Certificate System.

Objective Specifications

Series Model Numerical Aperture(NA) Working Distance(WD)(mm)
UIS2 objective lens MPLFLN2.5x 0.08 10.7
MPLFLN5x 0.15 20
LEXT dedicated objective lens (10X) MPLFLN10xLEXT 0.3 10.4
LEXT dedicated objective lens (High performance type) MPLAPON20xLEXT 0.6 1
MPLAPON50xLEXT 0.95 0.35
MPLAPON100xLEXT 0.95 0.35
LEXT dedicated objective lens (Long working distance type) LMPLFLN20xLEXT 0.45 6.5
LMPLFLN100xLEXT 0.8 3.4
Super long working distance lens SLMPLN20x 0.25 25
SLMPLN50x 0.35 18
SLMPLN100x 0.6 7.6
Long working distance for LCD lens LCPLFLN20xLCD 0.45 8.3-7.4
LCPLFLN50xLCD 0.7 3.0-2.2
LCPLFLN100xLCD 0.85 1.2-0.9

Application software

Standard software OLS50-BSW Data acquisition app
Motorized stage package application*1 OLS50-S-MSP
Advanced analysis application*2 OLS50-S-AA
Film thickness measurement application OLS50-S-FT
Auto edge measurement application OLS50-S-ED
Particle analysis application OLS50-S-PA
Multi-data analysis application OLS50-S-MA
Sphere/cylinder surface angle analysis application OLS50-S-SA
  • Including Auto-stitching data acquisition and Multi-area data acquisition functions.
  • Including Profile analysis, Difference analysis, Step-height analysis, Surface analysis, Area/volume analysis, Line roughness analysis, Area roughness analysis and Histogram analysis.
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