Image Analysis Software

Olympus STREAM

Image Analysis Software
Easy-to-Use Interface And Step-by-Step Guidance
Smart Technologies for Crisp Image Capture
  • Tools for live images
  • Panorama and extended depth focus
  • Recall acquisition settings

Save Time on Repeated Tasks
  • Guided operation
  • Quantitative information
  • Automatic tools for efficient image acquisition
  • Efficient report creation
Designed For Olympus Hardware
Seamlessly Integrates with Olympus Optical Microscopes
  • Upright microscopes
  • Inverted microscopes
  • Semiconductor microscopes
  • Stereo microscopes
  • LEXT 3D measuring laser microscope
  • DSX digital microscope

Works with Most Olympus Digital Cameras
  • Color fidelity
  • High resolution
  • Real-time on-screen imaging

Dedicated Observation Methods
  • HDR imaging for improved image contrast
  • MIX observation to visualize a sample’s surface structure
Solving Your Inspection Challenges
Advanced Imaging Solutions
  • Count and measure solution
  • Three-dimensional measurement and line profiles

Solutions for Metallography (Metal / Casting Industries)
  • Grain sizing using the intercept counting method
  • Grain sizing using the planimetric method
  • Graphite nodularity evaluation
  • Rating the non-metallic inclusion content in high-purity steel
  • Comparison of sample images with reference standards

Solutions for Machinery Processing (Automotive / Machined Parts Industries)
  • Welding distortion
  • Phase and region of interest measurement
  • Particle distribution

Solutions for Electronics (Electronic Device / Semiconductor Industries)
  • Throwing power measurement
  • Automatic critical dimension measurement

Solutions for Surface Coatings and Thin Film Deposits (Coating Industries)
  • Thin coating thickness evaluation (calotest method)
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Pore fraction and density measurement
: Standard : Optional Start Basic Essentials Motion Desktop
Image Acquisition Basic image acquisition including HDR and auto-calibration of magnification and Live HDR*1, and position navigation*1  
Software autofocus*2 and movie acquisition (Avi format)    
Time lapse, Instant EFI, and Instant/Manual MIA*3    
Motorized EFI/MIA and Z-stack acquisition    
Remote live view (NetCam)    
Image and Customization Tools Basic tool windows (Image history, properties, navigator, gallery view tool window)*4
Annotations, layer management, scale bar, cross hair, info stamp display, and image filters
Digital reticle/grid, line profile display, My Function, layout management, and Macro Manager  
Measurements/ Image Analysis Basic interactive measurement (distance, angles, rectangles, circles, ellipses, polygons, circle-to-circle distance, angle ruler, and line ruler) and data export to MS-Excel
Phase analysis, magic wand, freehand polyline, interpolated polygon, morphology filter, and image arithmetics  
3D measurements, 3D profile measurements, and 3D surface view  
Reporting*5 Report creation (MS-Word, and MS-Excel formats)   
Presentation creation  
Data Management Stream document storage*6  
Workgroup Database with structured data format  
Device Support Olympus microscopes*7 and Olympus cameras*8  
Non-Olympus cameras and image source converter*9    
Non-Olympus stage controller*9    

PC Requirements
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo or higher (Intel Core i5, i7 recommended)
RAM / Hard disk / DVD drive 3 GB or more (8 GB recommended)/2.4 GB or more free space/DVD+R DL compatible
OS*10 Windows 10 Pro (32-bit/64-bit) , Windows 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit) Pro, Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Ultimate with SP1, Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Professional with SP1
.NET Framework Version 4.5.2 or 4.6.1
Graphic card*11 1280 × 1024 monitor resolution with 32-bit video card
Web browser Windows Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, or 11

*1 Requires the DP74 camera, and the Live HDR function requires 64-bit OS.
*2 Requires Olympus microscope with motorized Z-axis or external motorized Z-axis with OLYMPUS Stream Motion or Automation Solution
*3 Instant MIA may not work properly with some cameras
*4 Write and read all major file formats and open Olympus proprietary formats (DSX, LEXT and POIR file formats)
*5 Requires Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 (SP1) or 2010 (SP2)
*6 Using Microsoft SQL Server Express
*8 Supports DP21, DP22, DP26, DP27, DP73, DP74, LC20, LC30, SC30, SC50, SC100, SC180, UC30, UC50, UC90, XC10, XC30, XC50, XM10.
*9 Please contact Olympus for supported device information
*10 The DP74 supports Windows 10/8.1 (64-bit) and Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit). The DP73 supports Windows 8.1/7 (64-bit). The SC180/UC90 support Windows 10/8.1/7 (64-bit).
*11 Required configurations for LiveHDR in DP74. Graphic board applicable to CUDA made by NVIDIA (compute capability 2.1 or higher). Graphic board driver applicable to CUDA 7.0 or higher.

Special Solution Specifications
Solutions Compatiblity Functions
Basic/ Essentials Motion Desktop Measurement Type
3D Included Partially included* 3D Surface View, 3D Measurement, 3D Profile Measurement, Motorized Z-stack/EFI, Instant EFI with height map (requires coded or motorized Z-axis).
Automation Included   Automation Solution (Motorized/Manual/Instant MIA, Motorized/Instant EFI without height map (requires coded or motorized XYZ-axis) and with time lapse.
Weld Measurement Weld Measurement solution (measurements for geometric distortion introduced by the heating during welding).
Count & Measure Multiple threshold methods are available (automatic, manual HSV, manual and adaptative) 
The system can automatically measure multiple parameters on all segmented objects (Area, Aspect Ratio, Bisector, Bounding Box, Gravity Center, ID, Mass Center, Intensity Values, Convexity, Diameters, Elongation, Feret, Extent, Next Neighbor Distance, Orientation, Perimeter, Radius, Shape, Sphericity, etc.) 
Spreadsheet and charts with individual and distribution measurements.

* Not possible to use the functions relating to image acquisition

Materials Solutions Specifications
Solutions Compatiblity Output
Basic Essentials/ Motion Desktop Automatic report creation Workbook with individual measurement Store all results in the image properties
Grain Intercept
Grain Planimetric *2
Inclusion Worst Field
Cast Iron
Chart Comparison  
Layer Thickness  
Coating Thickness
Automatic Measurements      
Throwing Power  
Particle Distribution
Advanced Phase Analysis Included Included  

Solutions Functions
Measurement type Supported standards Multiple stage location*1
Sample alignment*1
Grain Intercept Selection of pattern (circles, cross, cross & circles, vertical lines, horizontal lines, horizontal & vertical lines) 
Definition of the number of test lines for determination of grain elongation 
Displays the G-value in the Material Solution tool window
ISO 643: 2012, JIS G 0551: 2013, JIS G 0552: 1998, ASTM E112: 2013, DIN 50601: 1985, GOST 5639: 1982, GB/T 6394: 2002
Grain Planimetric Automatic extraction of grain boundaries 
User interaction using Stream sliders for improved usability 
Displays the G-value histogram in the Material Solution and position navigation*1 for direct interaction
ISO 643: 2012, JIS G 0551: 2013, JIS G 0552: 1998, ASTM E112: 2013, DIN 50601: 1985, GOST 5639: 1982, GB/T 6394: 2002 
Inclusion Worst Field Automatic detection of non-metallic inclusion using colors, shape, and size 
Automatic classification of oxides, sulfides, silicates, and aluminates 
Live display of the detected inclusion with its rating
ISO 4967 (method A): 2013, JIS G 0555 (method A): 2003, ASTM E45 (method A): 2013, EN 10247 (methods P and M): 2007, DIN 50602 (method M): 1985, GB/T 10561 (method A): 
2005, UNI 3244 (method M): 1980
Cast Iron On polished samples: automatically measures the characteristics of the graphite content (size, shape, and distribution) 
On etched samples: measures the ferrite to pearlite ratio 
Integrated workflow that takes into account the sample status (etched or polished)
ISO 945-1: 2010, ISO 16112: 2017, JIS G 5502: 2001, JIS G 5505: 2013, ASTM A247: 17, ASTM E2567: 16a, NF A04-197: 
2004, GB/T 9441: 2009, KS D 4302: 2006
Chart Comparison Multiple displays available, including live overlay 
User interaction using Stream sliders for improved usability 
Calculates statistics on the selected values
ISO 643: 1983, ISO 643: 2012, ISO 945: 2008, ASTM E 112: 2004, EN 10247: 2007, DIN 50602: 1985, SEP 1572: 1971, SEP 1520: 1998, ISO 4505:1978  
Layer Thickness Layer boundaries can be specified using automatic detection, magic wand, or manual mode (using 2 or 3 points). 
Individual measurements can be added or deleted later on 
Measurement of any type of layers (with even or uneven boundaries) is supported. 
Layer thickness measurement calculates mean, maximum, and minimum values as well as statistical data for each individual layer.
Coating Thickness Prints are measured from top view 
Calculation of the coating thickness according to the sample geometry
EN 1071: 2002, VDI 3824: 2001   
Automatic Measurements Automatically measures distances (point-to-point, point-to-line, circle-to-circle, point-to-circle, line-to-circle) 
Automatically measures circle diameter (roundness, bounding box) 
Automatically measures angles between two lines 
Definition of tolerances values for measurement and visual validation 
Expert and user mode for measurement repeatability
Throwing Power Manual measurements of selected point of interest on the sample 
Predefined points that will be triggered by the operator 
Selection of the vias type and documentation of the analysis 
Report and automatic calculation according to the manual measurements
Porosity Pore detection per ROIs (triangle, circle, rectangle, polygon, or magic wand) with overlapping capability 
Measurement of the pore density, count, and specific area 
Measurement of the biggest pore 
Measurement of a specified size range
Particle Distribution Particles are defined using simplified threshold settings. 
Automatic classification according to a selected parameter (size, color, or shape) 
Measurement of ROIs and multiple thresholds 
Definition of validation and coding according to user-defined standards
Advanced Phase Analysis Phase fraction per ROIs (triangle, circle, rectangle, or polygon) 
Magic wand, freehand polyline, interpolated polygon, morphology filter, and image arithmetics also usable 
Measurement of the total phase percentage per phase and per ROI 
Selectable minimum area detection

*1 Possible with OLYMPUS Stream Motion and other Stream packages with Automation solution
*2 Stream chart with the distribution can be output

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