Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System for 8 & 12 inch

Model No. DT-SWM1500

Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System for 8 & 12 inch


- Quick & Easy Conversion

- Capable of Normal, UV and Precut tape

- Excellent Tape Mount Quality with no bubble

- Special bonding chuck

- Patented Wafer cleaning system

- High throughput

- Long lasting cutting blade

- Less tape consumption

- Wafer/Ring frame presence is detected by sensor

- Special elevator design for easy loading/unloading

- Highly precise wafer positioning by pre-aligner

- Easy operation and maintenance by software calibration and troubleshooting guide

- Inline process


Wafer cassette loading >>> Wafer alignment >>> Frame chucking >>>
Wafer chucking >>> Tape feeding >>> Tape mounting >>>
OCR Barcode scanner >>> Label attachment >>> Off-loading to frame magazine



Applicable wafer size 8 & 12 inch
Applicable wafer thickness 8 inch(150~800 um)
12 inch(330~800 um)
Applicable frame size 8 & 12 inch
Applicable dicing tape Normal, UV & 3 Layer precut tape
Throughput ① 8 & 12 inch(50 Frames/hr) For Normal tape
② 8 & 12 inch(40 Frames/hr) For Precut tape
Mount accuracy +/-0.5 mm, +/-0.5 degree
Wafer cassette Dual loading
Frame cassette Dual loading
Frame stock More than 100 frame stock
Controller PLC
Ionizer Ionizing air blower(ESD elimination)
Cutter blade usage More than 10,000 cut/blade
Chuck heat control Up to 70˚C
Dimension 2070 x 1700 x 2000mm(w x d x h)
Weight of machine 1200kgs
Power 110/220VAC, 1 Phase
Air supply 5~6kgs/cm²
Host communication(GEM,SECS I,II, HSMS)


Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System is specially designed to attach dicing tape
on the back side of wafer and ring frame automatically, which contributes to
improve quality and productivity in wafer dicing and die mount process.


Model DT-SWM1500 is able to handle both 8 inch wafer and 12 inch wafer.
Precut tape for Die attach process as well as Normal & UV tape can be
applied With this machine and contributed to improve the better production
by adding OCR Barcode label printer