Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System for 6 & 8 inch

Model No. DT-NWM1050DM

Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System for 6 & 8 inch


- Quick & Easy Conversion

- Capable of Normal, UV and Precut tape

- Excellent Tape Mount Quality with no bubble

- Special bonding chuck

- Patented Wafer cleaning system

- High throughput

- Long lasting cutting blade

- Less tape consumption

- Wafer/Ring frame presence is detected by sensor

- Special elevator design for easy loading/unloading

- Highly precise wafer positioning by pre-aligner

- Easy operation and maintenance by software calibration and troubleshooting guide

- Inline process


Wafer cassette loading >>> Wafer alignment >>> Frame chucking >>>
Wafer chucking >>> Tape feeding >>> Tape mounting >>>
OCR Barcode scanner >>> Label attachment >>>
Off-loading to frame magazine


Applicable wafer size 8 & 8 inch
Applicable wafer thickness 200~800 um
Applicable frame size 6 & 8 inch
Applicable dicing tape Normal and UV tape
Throughput 6 inch(100 Frames/hr)
8 inch(80 Frames/hr)
Alignment accuracy +/-0.5 mm, +/-0.5 degree
Wafer cassette Dual loading
Frame cassette Dual loading
Frame stock More than 100 frame stock
Controller PLC
Ionizer Ionizing air blower(ESD elimination)
Cutter blade usage More than 10,000 cut/blade
Chuck heat control Up to 70˚C
Dimension 1800 x 1100 x 1650mm(w x d x h)
Weight of machine 850kgs
Power 110/220VAC, 1 Phase
Air supply 5~6kgs/cm²
① OCR Barcode printing
② Host communication(GEM,SECS I,II,HSMS)


Model DT-NWM1050DM is able to handle both 6~8 inch wafer and contributed to improve the better production by adding OCR Barcode label printer, UV Irradiator or B/G remover.