Fully Automatic Lamination System for 8 & 12 inch

Model No. DT-ECS2030

Fully Automatic Lamination System for 8 & 12 inch





- Capable of Bumping wafer by special bond roller

- 8~12 inch wafer capability

- Precision edge cutting for optimum wafer back-grinding

- High accuracy lamination by pre-aligner

- Air bubble free lamination

- No tape burr and tail after lamination

- Adjustable cutting blade angle

- Adjustable cutting force tension

- Special air blow & suction cleaner for particle free lamination

- Minimum tape consumption

- Easy tape setting by one touch locker

- High precise robotic handler

- Compact design suitable for small space

- Quick and easy conversion for different size wafer


Applicable wafer size 8 & 12 inch
Applicable frame size 8 & 12 inch
Applicable tape Normal and UV tape
Control method PLC control
Display method GP touch screen
UPH 8 inch(V type)/65 sheets
8 inch(Flat type)/60 sheets
12 inch(Flat type)/45 sheets
Alignment accuracy +/-0.5 mm, +/-0.5 degree
Wafer cassette Dual loading
Chuck heat control Up to 70˚C
Color Ivory
ESD control Controlled below 100V from 1000V within 10 seconds
Blade cycle time Min 500 cut/blade
Cutter blade heat control 0~150˚C
Dimension of machine 1500(d) x 1320(w) x 1750(h) mm
Weight of machine 650 Kgs
Electric power AC110/220VAC, Single phase, 50/60Hz
Air supply 5~6kgs/cm²
Host communication(GEM,SECS I,II,HSMS)




This equipment is designed to laminate Wafer B/G protective tape to the wafer pattern surface in order to protect wafer circuit from wafter breakage during back-grinding process.