Fully Automated Mounting & Detaping System for 300

Model No. DT-W&DT1250

Fully Automated Mounting & Detaping System for 300


Model No.: DT-W&DT1250A





- All process in a single machine (UV irradiation, Tape Mount, Detape, OCR Bar code print)

- Capable of both 8 & 12 inch wafers

- Small footprint

- System integration with CMG

- Wafer capability : 50 μm

- Precut, Normal and UV tape capability

- Air cleaning function for perfect dust free environment

- Safe and quick handling for thin wafer

- Stable tape removing device with special peeling bar

- Simple structure for quick conversion system

- High accuracy wafer centering

- Wafer robotic hand with auto balance function

- Convenient and quick frame cassette unloading

- The operation system can be available in-line or stand alone.

- Short delivery and Simple maintenance

- Economical tape consumption method

- Perfect blocking from UV Light


System control PLC control
Monitor PLC Touch monitor
System color Ivory
UPH 25 Sheets/Hr
Applicable wafer size 8 & 12 inch
Frame stack capability More than 100 frames
Air consumption 400 ℓ/m
Mount table temperature Up to 70˚C
Output elevator(Wafer frame) Dual frame cassette
Tape width 8 inch (Normal: 300 mm, Precut : 290 mm)
12 inch(Normal : 420 mm, Precut : 390 mm)
UV Lamp length 250 nm
UV Lamp intensity 60,80 & 120 w/cm²
Lamp life time 1000hr
Mount & Remove Tape lock One touch type(air cylinder)
Cutting wheel usage 20,000 cut/blade
Quick tape change Within 2 minutes
Dimension of System 1800 x 2400 x 2200mm(w x d x h)
System weight Approx.1800 kgs
Electric power AC110/220, Single phase, 50/60Hz
Air pressure 5~6 kg/cm²
① In-line type
② Stand alone
③ Host communication(GEM,SECS I,II, HSMS)


This system is consecutively used for Wafer backgrinding >>>> UV Irradiation >>>> Dicing tape attachment >>>> B/G tape remove >>>> OCR Bar code labelling in one
system by docking with Backgrinding machine