XC10 Digital Camera


XC10 Digital Camera


Olympus Camera Control

All functions of the XC10 camera can be completely controlled and operated via the OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software. No matter what current acquisition conditions are, real-time functions guarantee that the entire dynamic range is utilized. This ensures optimal contrast all the time. Following acquisition, XC10’s total integration into the OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software provides the full range of options and advantages of the latest in image processing and analysis, from image labeling to archiving and report generation.


 High sensitivity

The XC10 camera has a resolution of 1,376 x 1,032 pixels. Highly efficient readout technology (Correlated Double Sampling) coupled with Peltier-cooling of the CCD chip results in images of superior signal-to-noise ratio. Highly sensitive CCD elements are capable of detecting even the faintest signals. The electronic shutter offers variable exposure times ranging from 0.1 milliseconds to 160 seconds.

High frame rate

The high speed ADC (Analog-Digital Converter) working at a clock rate of 24 MHz in full 14-bit dynamic range is able to perform double sampling even at a readout rate of 24.5 MHz. Various frame rates are supported by this camera. For example, the camera can be set to acquire at a high frame rate of more than 15 fps at TV resolution using 2x binning. View your zoomed-in sample, locate the area of interest and focus – all conveniently onscreen. No longer are you forced to trade off speed for quality. For acquisition the system switches automatically into the high-resolution mode.

Easy installation

FireWire-technology guarantees that the XC10 installation is easy on any PC or laptop equipped with a FireWire-port. The days when you were limited to a frame grabber and just a single camera are history. FireWire-technology enables you to use multiple cameras on the same PC. The XC10 can be mounted onto all light microscopes with a C-mount adapter, using one cable for sending data and power to the PC’s FireWire-port.



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The XC10 is a 1.4 megapixel cooled color camera offering superior image quality and long exposure times, ideal for low light conditions. The XC10 camera has a resolution of 1,376 x 1,032 pixels.