UC30 Digital Camera


UC30 Digital Camera


High resolution

The color CCD chip ensures users can see more and, as a result, measurements can be carried out with great precision and sensitivity.



The camera also offers three frame rates:


The Search mode uses 3x pixel binning to offer nearly 35 images per second at 688 x 514 pixels. This makes finding suitable areas of a sample very easy.

The Focus mode uses 2x pixel binning to offer 14 images per second at 1,040 x 772 pixels. This ensures that focusing can be carried out quickly and accurately.

The Full-resolution mode offers 5 images per second at 3.2-megapixel resolution.

These modes enable users to quickly find, focus on and image exactly what they are looking for with good color fidelity. Additionally, the UC30 offers a broad exposure range (100 μs – 0 s) and a black-and-white acquisition mode at 1,040 x 772 pixels.


Easy installation

The UC30 can be quickly and easily mounted onto all light microscopes with a C-mount adapter. Furthermore, FireWire・technology guarantees that installation onto a PC or laptop equipped with a FireWire・port is simple, rapid and flexible, with power and data all from one cable.


Clear controls

The UC30 can be fully operated via OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software. This ensures that the camera can be used to its maximum capacity very easily and enables innovative solutions to all challenges, including image commenting, archiving, and report generation.



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The UC30 offers an excellent 3.2 megapixel resolution and fast frame rates with the added benefit of 2x and 3x color binning. Ideal for routine image acquisition in material science applications where quick and easy image documentation is paramount.