Optical Excellence


Galilean Optical System

image010Galiliean Optical System Diagram The Galilean Optical System (0.8x -5.6x zoom range) in combination with the improved coatings used in our distortion free objective lens series with their large numerical apertures provide the optimal image for any specimen at any appropriate magnification.

Superior Performance from a Choice of Eight Interchangeable Objectives

image009Lineup of Objective Lenses DFPL2x/DPFL1.5x/DFPL 0.75x/DFPL 0.5x
The DFPL series of objectives accurately reproduce specimen shapes with outstanding color fidelity.DFPLAPO 1.25x /DFPLAP01x-4
Apochromatically corrected to achieve the highest degree of performance, Excellent in resolving power, contrast, and image flatness with minimum distortion.SZX-ACH1.25x /SZX-ACH1x
Well-balanced objectives that combines high resolving power with long working distance

Ergonomics and Sample safety



The advanced Olympus Comfort View eyepieces on the SZX2 stereo microscopes enable a significantly larger range of eye movement for viewing the 3D image, making both short and long term use more comfortable.


Olympus believes that ergonomy is not an add-on and therefore each microscope is designed with the user in mind. As a result, all controls are easy to use and features like ComfortView and the low stage height, greatly reduce sources of stress. In addition, zoom control knobs are placed up front for easy access and viewing of the zoom setting. Olympus can even provide an observation tube capable of adjustment between 5° and 45° (to the horizontal), to accommodate the height and ensure comfort for different users.

ESD Measures for Protecting Devices from Static Electricity

Of utmost importance to those involved with electronics is the ability to dissipate ESD – electro static discharge.
Special materials and paint for the SZX 7 ensure safety to your electrically sensitive samples.

Variety of Illumination Units


LED Illumination – Combination Reflected and Transmitted Light Stand

image011LED Illumination Stand Ultra thin and eco-friendly LED stands provide energy efficient trouble free usage.

“Off the Bench” Illuminator

image012Double Interlock Light Guide Illuminator This specially designed fiber optic light source can mount directly onto the stand for a clutter free workspace. Available with single or double interlock and ring light guides, this system will provide bright long life illumination.

Near Vertical Illumination System

image013Near Vertical Illuminator System Perfect for the inspection and proper illumination into cavities such as casings

White LED Illuminator System

image014White LED Illuminator
*The model of the LED illuminator may vary with area.
A long-lasting ring light illuminator with minimal thermal effect and superior brightness is ideal for homogeneous lighting.

Universal Stand and Digital Imaging


Various Universal Stands Available

image015Combination of SZ2-ST Curved ultra-slim stands with contoured base plates provide easy specimen access while reducing stress and strain to one’s hands and arms.For inspection or assembly of larger samples Olympus offers a variety of boom stands which are adjustable and ESD safe. Large platform stands are also available and, if required, can accept auxiliary posts of 400mm and 600mm

SZ2-STU2: The arm’s angle and length can freely be adjusted.
SZ2-STU3: The stand is clamped on the side of a desk for assembly and inspection lines.


image016Combination of SZ2-STU2 image017Combination of SZ2-STU3


Recording and Storage of Digital Images

Our full line of digital cameras are easily adaptable to the SZX7 and available as stand alone systems or PC controllable, software routines vary from simple capture to measurement, report generation and database archiving.


Stereomicroscope System SZX7 Specifications
Optical System Galilean Optical System
Total Magnification 4.0x-336x*1
Zoom Body Zoom Ratio 7 (0.8×-5.6x)
AS Option
Observation Tube Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Trinocular Observation Tube
Focus Stand
Objective Lens Magnification Type N.A. W.D. (mm) Total Magnification *2 Field Diameter of View (mm)*2
0.5x Plan Achromat 0.05 171 4x-28x
  • 55-Ø7.9
0.75x Plan Achromat 0.075 116 6x-42x
  • 36.7-Ø5.2
1x Plan Apochromat 0.1 81 8x-56x
  • 27.5-Ø3.9
Achromat 0.1 90 8x-56x
  • 27.5-Ø3.9
1.25x Plan Apochromat 0.125 60 10x-70x
  • 22-Ø3.1
Achromat 0.125 68 10x-70x
  • 22-Ø3.1
1.5x Plan Achromat 0.15 45.5 12x-84x
  • 18.3-Ø2.6
2x Plan Achromat 0.2 33.5 16x-112x
  • 13.8-Ø2.0
Dimensions 194(W)x253(D)x403(H)mm
Weight 4.5 kg (in Standard Combination)
Remark *1 total magnification range possible by combining an objective lens and eyepiece

*2 in the case of using eyepiece 10x




The SZX7 stereo microscope, features a 7:1 zoom ratio and built in Electro Static Discharge protection, uses an advanced Galilean optical system, providing brilliant highly resolved images with easy access controls for comfortable viewing at an affordable price.