Reliability and Repeatability

Control Knobs Capable of Quick Inspection

image008Zoom Knob with click-stop A wide zoom range of 0.63x to 6.3x enables image observation at a wide range of magnifications without replacing objective lenses through the use of the specially designed dual objective holder with axial detent the magnification possibilities are even further extended. The advantage of the axial light path setting is that measurements taken with the camera are reliable and precise in all directions making results independent from the orientation of the sample under the microscope.
Also many imaging or measuring tasks require the use of the same zoom magnification setting to ensure consistent and comparable results. The integrated 11 position click-stop provides quick and easy access to this important function.

Superior Performance from a Choice of 8 Interchangeable Objectives

image009Lineup of Objective Lenses DFPL2x/DPFL1.5x /DFPL 0.75x /DFPL 0.5x
The DFPL series of objectives accurately reproduce specimen shapes with outstanding color fidelity.DFPLAPO 1.25x /DFPLAP01x4
Aprochromatically corrected to achieve the highest degree of perfomance. Excellent in resolving power, contrast, and image flatness with minimum distortion.SZX-ACH1.25x /SZX-ACH1x
Well-balanced objectives that combines high resolving power with long working distance.

Ergonomics and Speed

Ergonomically Comfortable Operating Environment

Olympus believes that ergonomics is paramount for an operator. As a result, all controls are easy to use and features like ComfortView eyepieces and the low stand height, greatly reduce sources of stress. The advanced Olympus Comfort View eyepieces on the SZX stereo microscopes enable a significantly larger range of eye movement for viewing the 3D image, making both short and long term use much more comfortable. This also makes it easier to form the stereo image, resulting in reduced occurrence of eyestrain.
Olympus can even provide an observation tube capable of adjustment between 5° and 45° (to the horizontal), for situations when the stereo microscope is used by many different operators.

image002Observation Tube with
Convergence Angle
image003Tilting Observation Tube


The SZX10 motorized focus drive makes digital documentation with extended focal imaging (EFI) efficient and fully automatic. This even allows creation of pseudo 3D images, closing the gap between documentation and what the eyes have seen before through the stereoscopic lightpath. To facilitate automated inspections the OLYMPUS Image Analysis software family offers all the tools required from simple 2D measurements up to complex phase analysis in an easy to use environment.

Versatile Stands and Illumination Units

image004Low-profile LED Illumination Base The Olympus SZX range features the unique Olympus LED base system enabling fine control of transmitted illumination for bright and even images. With the ultra-slim 40 mm base, the SZX2 range has the most ergonomic stage height available. Moreover, a novel carousel enables the easy selection and control of brightfield, darkfield and oblique illumination. The long-life LEDs do not heat the stage or sample, greatly enhancing the flexibility for material stereo microscopy.

Selectable Reflected Light Illumination Lineup

Versatile reflected illumination units including the ring-light illuminator and coaxial illuminator are available. Choose an optimal illumination system according to your specific application requirements

LED Ring-light Illuminator
Dual Mounted Combination
image007Coaxial Illuminator
for Highly Reflective Samples

Intelligent Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging

With the SZX10, you will want to document or show live digital views of your sample. By utilizing a trinocular head and moving the objective in the axial imaging pathway a perpendicular view of the sample is obtained. Attaching the Olympus DP72 cooled digital camera produces a powerful imaging station. This is designed for high resolution documentation (up to 12.8 mega pixels) as well as high-speed imaging for live views. The advanced interface enables excellent color reproduction without visible color shifts during sample movement.


Our sophisticated microscope digital cameras and image analysis software packages support a multitude of operations including observation, report generation, database, archiving and control of the SZX10 optional motorized zoom focus and noting objective magnification choices.


Olympus offers a complete line up of digital cameras and analysis/measurement software. Your Olympus representative will help you choose which best meets your requirements.



Research Stereomicroscope System SZX10 Specifications
Optical System Galilean Optical System
Total Magnification 3.15x-378x*1
Zoom Body Zoom Ratio 10 (0.63×-6.3x)
AS Built-in
Observation Tube Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Trinocular Observation Tube
Focus Focusing Unit/Coarse Fine Focusing Unit/Heavy-duty Coarse Fine Focusing Unit/Motorized Focusing Unit
Objective Lens Magnification Type N.A. W.D. (mm) Total Magnification*2 Field Diameter of View (mm)*2
0.5x Plan Achromat 0.05 171 3.2×-31.5x
  • 69.8-Ø7
0.75x Plan Achromat 0.075 116 4.7×-47.3x
  • 46.6-Ø4.7
1x Plan Apochromat 0.1 81 6.3x-63x
  • 34.9-Ø3.5
Achromat 0.1 90 6.3x-63x
  • 34.9-Ø3.5
1.25x Plan Apochromat 0.125 60 7.9×-78.9x
  • 27.9-Ø2.8
Achromat 0.125 68 7.9×-78.9x
  • 27.9-Ø2.8
1.5x Plan Achromat 0.15 45.5 9.5×-94.5x
  • 23.3-Ø2.3
2x Plan Achromat 0.2 33.5 12.6x-126x
  • 17.5-Ø1.7
Dimensions 285(W)x335(D)x400(H)mm
Weight 7 kg (in Standard Combination)
Remark *1 total magnification range possible by combining an objective lens and eyepiece*2 in the case of using eyepiece 10x


The SZX10 microscope is the logical choice when working distance and field size are important. Our careful system selection of lens design allows the observation and documentation of specimens in their original, authentic colors without distortion.