MX61A Automatic


MX61A Automatic


Superior Optics

High-level Imaging Performance

The best in imaging performance has been improved through the introduction of the new UIS2 optical system employed by the MX61A. Clear, crisp, true color images are evident in all illumination techniques including brightfield, darkfield and differential interference contrast (DIC). The MX61A’s darkfield observation image brightness has increased by an average of four times as compared with the previous Olympus UIS optical series.
Example Observation Images


mx61a_brightfield_observation_example mx61a_new_darkfield_observation_example mx61a_conv_darkfield_observation_example

Brightfield                          New Darkfield                 Conventional


Optimized Contrast by Automatic Aperture Control


Aperture Stop Control

The integrated motorized aperture stop automatically adjusts for the objective lens in use. Thus the best image quality for every magnification is achieved, making routine inspections more comfortable for the eyes and more efficient for the operator.

Active Laser Autofocus

Autofocus with High-magnification Lenses

The MX61A is equipped with an active laser auto focus unit that improves the accuracy and speed of inspections. The introduction of a newly developed multi-spot sensor enables a substantial increase in stability by eliminating the effects of vertical topography on the specimen, exceeds expectations in all observation methods, even faster and more repeatable.

Supports Routine and Advanced Observation Methods

Objective Lens UIS2 Series

The UIS2 objective lens series provides high performance imaging in deep ultraviolet, visible light and near-infrared microscopy. The MX61A is compatible with all UIS2 objectives making Brightfield, Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast, Fluorescence and Near-Infrared observations available on one system easily selected through the integrated software platform or handset.
Example Observation Images


mx61a_brightfield_observation    mx61a_darkfield_observation   mx61a_dic_observation

Brightfield                            Darkfield                               Differential Interference Contrast

mx61a_fluorescence_observation      mx61a_near_infrared_visible_comparison

Fluorescence                        Comparison between Near-infrared Light (left) and Visible Light (right)

Integrated Control of Motorized Components

Integrated Control of Motorized Components


Integrated Microscope and Software System

Olympus offers several software platforms that fully integrate with the MX61A microscope frame to control all motorized functions including the digital camera and motorized stage. Each interface is specifically designed for basic inspection and control, advanced image analysis or repetitive site inspection and defect review.


Ergonomic Design Features

Compliant with SEMI S2 & S8 Standards

The MX61A is manufactured in accordance to SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) S2 and S8 standards for wafer safety and ergonomics and is also CE marked.

Tilting Observation Tube


Titling Obsevation Tube

The extensive range of the tilting observation tube allows the operator to sit at the microscope using the proper posture ensuring reliable and comfortable operation.

Increased Inspection Speed with Motorized Nosepieces

Motorized Nosepieces

The rotational speed of the motorized nosepiece ultra-fast, decreasing time between inspections while maintaining clean room compatibility. Olympus offers three variations for desired inspection methods controlled via software, frame button or independent handset.

Rigid Frame Design

High-magnification Observation Image

Olympus has adopted a highly rigid, vibration-sensitive design to its MX61A frame in order to minimize blurring due to vibration, maximizing the image resolution and contrast, beneficial when using 100x or 150x objective lenses.

Handset for Tactile Control


An ergonomically designed handset allows push-button control for the motorized funtions of the microscope such as selecting the objective lens and observation techniques. The operator can also switch between TRACE and ONE SHOT control of the auto focus unit, manually fine focus, adjust the retardation position in DIC, lamp intensity and lower the stage for sample exchange.

Complimentary Inspection Solutions

Wafer Handler Solution

Wafer Loader Combination

The MX61A frame interfaces seamlessly with the Olympus AL120 wafer handlers. The Olympus wafer loader series transfers both silicon and compound semiconductor wafers of multiple sizes from the cassette to the microscopes stage, while maintaining an ergonomic design. Compliant with both S2 and S8 standards, the AL120 can be programmed for up to ten system configurations including specific cassette types, wafer specifications and transfer speed. Quick push button recipe selection allows the operator to load different products instantly. Non-contact optical centering, notch/flat detection and alignment reduces wafer contact, improving cleanliness.Continuing with world-renowned performance and reliability of previous Olympus wafer handlers, the AL120 now transfers wafers with thicknesses as small as 90μm to specifically meet the demands of thin wafer manufacturers.

High Performance Motorized Stages

Motorized Stage

Highly accurate motorized stages are available with the MX61A microscope. Motorized stages with joystick and software controls make inspections repeatable and ergonomic for extended inspection times.


Automatic Semiconductor Inspection Microscope MX61A Specifications
Optical System UIS2 Optical System (Infinity-corrected)
Microscope Frame Observation Method BF/DF/DIC/KPO*/FL
Reflected/Transmitted Reflected
Illuminator Microscope Frame All-in-one (BF, DF + 1 Option)
Illumination System Reflected Light 100 W Halogen/100 W Mercury/75 W Xenon
Transmitted Light -
Focus Motorized/Manual Motorized
Stroke 25.4 mm
Resolution/Fine Adjustment Sensitivity Resolution 0.01 µm
Maximum Specimen Height 24 mm
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized Type Sextuple for BF/DIC
Quintuple for BF/DF/DIC
Centarable Quintuple for BF/DF/DIC
Sextuple for BF/DF/DIC
Manual Type -
Stage Stroke 14×12 inch Right Handle Stage: 356(X)x305(Y)mm
8×8 inch Right Handle Stage: 210(X)x210(Y)mm
Observation Tube Widefield (Field Number 22) Inverted Image -
Erect Image -
Super Wide Field (Field Number 26.5) Inverted Image -
Erect Image Tilting Trinocular Observation Tube
Option Unit Auto Focus/DUV Unit/IR Unit/Motorized Stage/Wafer Loader
Dimensions 711(W)x853(D)x552(H)mm (in Standard Combination)
Weight 56 kg (in Standard Combination)
Remark *Simple Polarized Light Observation


The MX61A is a specially designed semiconductor microscope that allows operators to work in an ergonomically correct position and benefit from smoother operation throughout extended inspection periods, maximizing productivity and integration.