Non-destructive Internal Observation of Semiconductor Devices

With the demand for thinner and more compact electronic components, it becomes increasingly important to perform internal inspection to ensure product intergrity. A near-infrared microscope supports non-destructive inspection and analysis of regions blocked to visible light, including SiP (System in Package), stacked package, and CSP (Chip Size Package).

Non-destructive Failure Analysis of Flip Chip Package

In the case of the flip chip bonding, the bonding sections and patterns are inaccessible after packaging for inspection using a routine optical microscope. With a near-infrared microscope, however, non-destructive internal observation of an IC chip after packaging is possible by the transmission properties of silicon. This technique makes failure analysis of the flip chip package a simple one and is also effective for identifying locations to be processed with FIB (Focused Ion Beam).

Chip Damage Due to Environmental Testing on Wafer-level CSP’s

Non-destructive inspection of wafer level CSP detects changes due to heat or moisture during testing. In addition, leaks due to fusion or corrosion of copper wiring and peeling of resin can be clearly observed.

mx-ir_bx-ifr_aluminum_wiring_evaluation                     mx-ir_bx-ifr_solder_evaluation                    mx-ir_bx-ifr_electrode_evaluation

Aluminium Wiring(Back-side)       Solder Evaluation                              Electrode(Back-side)

Compatible with the Olympus MX & BX Family of Microscopes

MX Series for Semiconductor Inspection

This series is capable of observing larger samples such as 150-300mm wafers.

Semiconductor & Flat Panel Display Inspection Microscope
Industrial Inspection Microscope

BX Series for Materials Inspection

Motorized System Microscope
for Reflected and Transmitted Light


Compact microscope unit
Its compact design allows for a easy integration into larger equipment.
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Integration of near-infrared optical units with a compatible microscope frame enables a near-infrared observation microscope. For the detail of compatible microscopes, refer to the Specification of each microscope.

Near-infrared Observation Units

IR Objective Series

List of Compatible Microscopes

For Infrared Reflected Light Observation
> MX61A: Motorized Model Compatible with a 300mm Wafer while Enabling Integrated Control over the Peripheral Devices
> MX61L/ MX61: Motorized Model Compatible with 300 mm/ 200 mm Wafers
> MX51: Manual Model Compatible with a 150mm Wafer
> BX51M: Universal Model Compatible with a Wide Variety of Observations Under Different Illumination from Brightfield to Fluorescence

For Infrared Reflected/Transmitted Light Observation
> BX61: Motorized Model Optimal for Laborsaving of Operations
> BX51: Universal Model Compatible with a Wide Variety of Observations Under Different Illumination from Brightfield to Fluorescence


These IR Imaging Systems contain dedicated IR objective lenses and components that are corrected for chromatic aberrations and designed for 700-1300nm wavelengths.