LEXT OLS4100 3D Laser Microscope


LEXT OLS4100 3D Laser Microscope




Wider Sample Range

Thanks to dedicated objectives with high numerical apertures and a dedicated optical system that obtains superior performance from a 405 nm laser, the LEXT OLS4100 can reliably measure acute-angled samples that were previously impossible to measure. These capabilities also enable measurement of micro-roughness on an uneven surface.


Razor with an Acute Angle
Razor with an Acute Angle


LEXT-Dedicated Objectives
LEXT-Dedicated Objectives


Minimized Aberrations with Dedicated Objective
Minimized Aberrations with Dedicated Objective


Micro-Profile Measurements with 10 nm Height Resolution


(MPLAPON50XLEXT) STEP Height standard Type B, PTB-5, Institut für Mikroelektronik, Germany, 6 nm Detection in Height Measurement
(MPLAPON50XLEXT) STEP Height standard Type B, PTB-5, Institut für Mikroelektronik, Germany, 6 nm Detection in Height Measurement

With the OLS4100, an impressive X-Y resolution of 0.12 microns is now possible thanks to a short-wavelength 405 nm laser and a high aperture objective lens. As a result, the OLS4100 can perform submicron measurements of a sample’s surface. With a precise 0.8 nanometerresolution linear scale and software algorithms such as our original I-Z curve, the OLS4100 can resolve height differences of 10 nanometers.

Overcoming Reflectance Differences

Diamond Electroplated Tool Objective Lens: MPlanApoN50xLEXT


The OLS4100 employs a dual confocal system, incorporating two confocal optical light paths. In combination with a highsensitivity detector, this enables the OLS4100 to capture a precise 3D image from a sample consisting of materials with different reflectance characteristics.


Applicable to Transparent Layers


Multi-Layer Mode
The LEXT OLS4100’s new multilayer mode is capable of recognizing the peaks of reflected light intensities originating from multiple layers. Setting each layer as the focal point makes it possible to observe and measure the upper surface of a transparent sample. This also enables the analysis of multiple layers, measuring the thickness of each layer.


Observation/Measurement of Multiple Layers of Transparent Material
The multi-layer mode facilitates observation and measurement of the transparent layer on the surface of a transparent sample. Even with a transparent resin layer on a glass substrate, the shape and roughness of each layer as well as the thickness of the surface film can be measured.




LSM Section Light Source/Detector Light Source: 405 nm Semiconductor Laser,
Detector: Photomultiplier
Total Magnification 108x – 17,280x
Zoom Optical Zoom: 1x – 8x
Measurement Planar Measurement Repeatability 100x: 3n-1=0.02 μm
Accuracy Measurement Value ±2%
Height Measurement System Revolving Nosepiece Vertical-Drive System
Stroke 10 mm
Scale Resolution 0.8 nm
Movement Resolution 10 nm
Display Resolution 1 nm
Repeatability 50x: n-1=0.012 μm
Accuracy 0.2+L/100 μm or Less (L=Measuring Length)
Color Observation Section Light Source/Detector Light Source: White LED,
Detector: 1/1.8-Inch 2-Megapixel Single-Panel CCD
Zoom Digital Zoom: 1x – 8x
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized BF Sextuple Revolving Nosepiece
Differential Interference Contrast Unit Differential Interference Contrast Slider: U-DICR,
Polarizing Plate Unit Built-In
Objective BF Plan Semi-apochromat 5x, 10x
LEXT-Dedicated Plan Apochromat 20x, 50x, 100x
Z Focusing Unit Stroke 100 mm
XY Stage 100×100 mm (Motorized Stage),
Option: 300×300 mm (Motorized Stage)


This product is designed for use in industrial environments for the EMC performance. Using it in a residential environment may affect other equipment in the environment


OBJECTIVE Specifications
Field of View Working Distance (WD) Numerical Aperture (NA)
MPLFLN5X 108x-864x 2,560-320 μm 20.0 mm 0.15
MPLFLN10X 216×-1,728x 1,280-160 μm 11.0 mm 0.30
MPLAPON20XLEXT 432×-3,456x 640-80 μm 1.0 mm 0.60
MPLAPON50XLEXT 1,080×-8,640x 256-32 μm 0.35 mm 0.95
MPLAPON100XLEXT 2,160×-17,280x 128-16 μm 0.35 mm 0.95


The LEXT OLS4100 is a Laser Scanning Microscope to perform non-contact 3D observations and measurements of surface features at 10 nanometer resolutions. It also features a fast image acquisition and a high-resolution image over a wider area.


A Model Equipped with a 405 nm Laser and Possible to Perform 3D Geometric Observation/Measurement and Surface Roughness Measurement in a Micro Range at High Resolution


This model is equipped with a newly-developed dual confocal system that enables measurement of samples conventionally difficult to be measured. The LEXT OLS4100 has enhanced the surface roughness measurement function and achieved output results with the same operability and compatibility as those of a contact surface-roughness measuring machine, while making the most of the non-contact benefits.