DP73 CCD 12.8 Mega Pixels


DP73 CCD 12.8 Mega Pixels







Item Specifications
Camera type Single chip color CCD (pixel shifting) Cooling system:Peltier device (maximum: room temperature – 10ºC)
Imaging Sensor Size 1/1.8 inch 2.01 megapixel color CCD
Scanning mode Progressive
Camera mount C-mount
Effective image resolution 4800×3600 (pixel shifting, 3CCD mode)
2400×4800 (pixel shifting, 3CCD mode)
1600×1200 (1×1, 3CCD mode)
800×600 (1×1)
800×600 (2×2)
Sensitivity ISO 100/200/400/800/1600
A/D 14 bit (effective pixel : 12 bit@ 16 bit mode image)
Exposure control Modes Auto/SFL-Auto/Manual
Adjustment ±2.0 EV step: 1/3 EV
Time 23 μs to 60 s
Metering modes Full image/30%/1%/0.1%
Binning 2×2
Live frame rate * 1600×1200 (1×1): 15fps
800×600 (1×1): 15fps
800×600 (2×2): 27fps
Still image transfer time * 4800×3600 (1×1): approx. 4 s
Color space sRGB, Adobe RGB
Image file format File formats supported by OLYMPUS Stream software
OS Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate (64 bit)
Dimensions, weight Camera interface cable Approx 2.8 m/approx. 0.23 kg
External trigger cable Approx. 0.2 m/approx 40 g

* For exposure times ranging from 23 μs to 65 ms, image acquisition time may take longer if several tasks are active in the background



The Olympus DP73 high-performance Peltier cooled, digital color cameras offer the latest pixel-shifting technology with an extraordinary 17.28 megapixel resolution, 4 binning modes, and 14-bit A/D conversion for increased bit depth.