DP21 CCD 2.0 Mega Pixels


DP21 CCD 2.0 Mega Pixels


Space-saving and Ease of Operation


Space-saving Possible Thanks To Compactness and No Need of PC

To make effective use of space when combining a digital camera with a microscope, streamlining the camera head and control box has been achieved. This model is a stand-alone type that can record and measure image data with no PC, thereby contributing to space-saving and increasing efficiency of a production line.


A Handset Designed for Intuitive Operation

The DP21 comes with a handset that allows you to smoothly and easily changed the settings, capture images, make measurements and archive data, while its simple key arrangement allows you to carry out all actions without ever having to glance at the keyboard. And for added convenience, all captured data can be automatically saved directly to USB memory.


Expansion Ports Add Welcome Versatility

The control unit of the DP21 features four USB ports and a LAN port. Simple USB connection to a mouse and keyboard makes it even easier to record measurements and add comments, while connection to an external drive makes it possible to save a high volume of images without worrying about memory space. Furthermore, because of the LAN port, it’s simple to send all image data directly to a server.


Live Display of High-resolution Images and Measurement Function


Increase Inspection Accuracy with Live, High-resolution Imaging

The DP21 has the power to display UXGA images comparable to high-definition at a smooth 15 frames per second. Seamlessly smooth viewing is even sustained when changing focus or moving the inspection spot, and tones remain faithful to those seen under the microscope to further support accurate observation and presentation.


Twelve Measurement Functions Improve Inspection Efficiency

A comprehensive selection of twelve measurement functions are available on the monitor. Each of these functions can be readily accessed through simple keyboard operation and data can be easily recorded along with images.

- 3 Points Circle
– Distance between 2 Circles Center
– 3 Points Angle and Boundary Length


Control the Unit Direct from Your PC

Optional software is available to allow direct control via PC. The analysis application is also available for installation, enabling a wide range of functions for image processing, measurement and analysis.
* Please contact your nearest Olympus dealer for details.


Digital Camera DP21 Specifications
Microscope Camera Mount C-mount
Image Sensor System Single-chip Color CCD
Size 1/1.8 inch
Pixel Size 2.01 Megapixels
Scanning Method Progressive Scanning
Maximum Image Size 1600×1200
Maximum Recording Pixel 1.92 Megapixel
Movie Frame Rate 15 fps (1600×1200)
Exposure Time 1/20,000 s-8 s (50 µs-8 s)
File Fomat TIFF/JPEG
External PC Connection USB2.0, LAN
Dimensions Camera 84(W)x77(D)x42.5(H)mm (Excluding Protrusions)
Controller 180(W)x200(D)x47(H)mm
Interface Cable 1.5 m
Weight Camera 260 g
Controller 400g (handset) 1.6kg (control unit)


Digital Camera DP21


Compact Model That Can Be Installed at Any Place with No PC Required

The control unit and image recording unit are integrated into the control box. This compact camera without the need of a PC allows easy digital photography regardless of location.