Clear Observation Images with UIS2 Objective Lens


Excellent image clarity and superb resolution with UIS2 Optics

UIS2 optics delivers bright, sharp, high-resolution images suitable for all observation methods. Designed with specific wave front aberration controls and specialty coatings for color fidelity UIS2 components ensure images are true in form and details satisfactorily resolved (The BXFM-S works with brightfield and differencial interference contract only.)


Example Observation Images
Diverse Lineup Allows Selections According to the Purpose
MPLAPON Plan Apochromat Objective Lens Series
MPLFLN Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield
LMPLFLN Long WD Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield
MPLN Plan Achromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield
SLMPLN Super Long WD Plan Achromat Objective Lens Series
LCPLFLN-LCD Long WD Semi Apocromatic Objective Lens Series for LCD



Meeting Inspection Needs with Speed and Efficieancy


Motorized Revolving Nosepiece

A high speed motorized revolving nosepiece provides instant switchover from one objective to another while decreasing potential sample contamination from an operator . Controlled via a handswitch or PC

Motorized Revolving Nosepiece
Quick Rotation of Objectives

Centering Revolving Nosepiece

The built in centering adjustment of the sextuple revolving nosepiece ensures the center of an image will not deviate with the change of objectives.

Illumination Systems

Olympus offers a wide choice of external light sources to meet your inspection needs. Choose from standard halogen, mercury, Xenon, or fiber optic systems.

Lamp House Options
Fiber Illuminator

Recording and Storage of Digital Images

Olympus is passionate about photography and digital imaging. Our cameras for microscopy continue to deliver breakthrough technology and reliable performance to meet the diverse range of industrial applications. Choose from a wide variety of models which attach to microscopes via a c-mount thread and are fully controlled using the Olympus imaging software.


System Industrial Microscope BXFM-S Specifications
Optical System UIS2 Optical System (Infinity-corrected)
Microscope Frame Observation Method BF/DIC/KPO*
Reflected/Transmitted Reflected
Illuminator Compact Reflected Illuminator for BF(BF/DIC/KPO*)
Illumination System Reflected Light 100 W Halogen/Fiber Light Guide
Transmitted Light -
Focus Motorized/Manual Manual
Stroke 30 mm
Resolution/Fine Adjustment Sensitivity Fine Stroke per Rotation 0.2 mm
Maximum Specimen Height -
Revolving Nosepiece Motorized Type Sextuple for BF/DIC
Manual Type Quintuple for BFSextuple for BF/DIC

Centerable Sextuple for BF/DIC

Septipule for BF/DIC

Stage Stroke -
Observation Tube Widefield (Field Number 22) Inverted Image Binocular/Trinocular/Tilting Binocular Observation Tube
Erect Image Trinocular/Tilting Binocular Observation Tube
Super Wide Field (Field Number 26.5) Inverted Image Trinocular Observation Tube
Erect Image Trinocular/Tilting Trinocular Observation Tube
Option Unit IR Unit
Dimensions 394(W)x334(D)x276(H)mm (in Standard Combination)
Weight 6.2 kg (in Standard Combination)
Remark *Simple Polarized Light Observation


The BXFM-S is a cost-effective, space-saving focus mount for brightfield microscopy. The focus mount can be used for optical bench, plain stand, or system integration due to its compact design and convenient mounting surface. Accepts a variety of objectives having standard or long working distances.