Ergonomic and Easy to Operate


- With post-process inspection in mind, particular emphasis has been placed on the ease of use and ergonomics. The AL120-12 system includes top macro, back macro and microscope inspection.

- The robotic vacuum pick-up arm provides non-contact centering of wafer for accurate placement on the microscope stage. Wafers can be rotated 360 degrees during microscope inspection.

- The AL120-12 interfaces with Olympus ‘ MX61L microscope providing excellent resolution and precision quality optical imaging.

- Centrally located controls and on-board macro illuminator allow operators to maintain an ergonomic and relaxed position, even for long periods of inspection.


Robust, Reliable and Safe Handling


- Olympus continues with their proven expertise in wafer handling with the AL120-12 model. Its robust and reliable design maintains wafer integrity and ensures safe handling for 300mm wafers.

- Transfer of thin and warped wafers can be safely transferred using the AL120-12 handler.


Dedicated Macro Illuminator


Dedicated Macro Illuminator
The addition of a metal halide lamp and fiber optics allows foreign material, scratches and film imperfections to be inspected with cold light source during the macro inspection process of inspection.


300mm Wafer Loader AL120-12 Specifications
AL120-LMB12-LP AL120-LMB12-F
Wafer Size 300 mm in dia. (SEMI M1.15, t=775 µm) Option: 200 mm in dia.
Cassette - FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pods)
– SEMI: E47.1-0200 Standard Product
- FOSB (Front Opening Shipping Box)
– SEMI: M31-0999 Standard Product
Number of Cassettes One Cassette (for Loading and Unloading)
Cassette Placement Height 900 mm
Loading Port Included Not Included
Transfer Sequence Top Macro Inspection, Back Macro Inspection, Micro Inspection
Inspection Mode All Wafers Inspection, Sampling Inspection
Wafer Alignment Non-contact Centering
Wafer Transfer System Vacuum-contact Mechanical Arm System
Applicable Microscope Olympus Semiconductor Inspection Microscope MX61L
Utility AC100V – 120V, 220 – 240V 3.0/1.7A 50/60Hz
Vacuum -67kPa – -80kPa
Clean dry air 0.5MPa – 0.6MPa
AC100V – 120V, 220 – 240V 3.0/1.7A 50/60Hz
Vacuum -67kPa – -80kPa
Stage XY Manual Contact Stage: XY Coarse/Fine Motion, Included with a 360° Rotating Mechanism
Mass (Excluding the Microscope) 360 kg approx. 270 kg approx.

The AL120-12 wafer handler is compatible with both FOUP (Load Port) and FOSB, ideal for lower cost back-end inspection. The safe and ergonomic design maintains operator safety while effectively transferring wafers including thin and warped wafers.