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  • stm7

    STM7- New Product!

    Olympus STM7 series is the measuring microscope system offering versatility, high-reliability and exceptional level of precision and durability. Features to meet every measuring need are packed in the lineup.


  • ols4100_top

    LEXT OLS4100 3D Laser Microscope

    Olympus Laser Confocal Microscope offers superb image quality and accurate 3D measurement by non destructive observation method with advanced optical system. Its operation preparation is easy and no pre-process is necessary with your samples.


  • 20120130020447

    DSX500 New!

    The DSX series of opto-digital microscopes provide operating simplicity and absolute reliability. DSX microscopes is the cumilation of Olympus leading edge digital and optical technologies.


  • 20110711052353

    Olympus Stream New!

    Olympus Image Analysis Software makes Olympus Microscopes an effective high performance analysis station. Its well-rounded enable smooth flow of acquiring images, filtering, measurement, documentation and archive.


  • 20110810041440


    Olympus MX microscopes are developed with the concept to offer the highest efficiency for all our customers. MX microscopes ensure beneficial four levels, Fast start-up, Easy Operation, Failure analysis and expandability for users.


  • 20120619021711

    BXiS New!

    Olympus BX Series Upright Metallurgical Microscopes meet wide-variety of analysis applications, from a routine inspection to sophisticated analysis study, by the wide range of microscope models strengthened by superb optical performance and variety of accessories.


  • 20110808052641


    Olympus GX series Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes are reliable and high performance imaging system with the advanced Olympus UIS2 optics. GX microscopes ensure the high efficiency by the combination with Olympus Imaging Analysis software.


  • bxfm


    Olympus BXFM Modular Microscopes are ideal optical modules to integrate into a sophisticated inspection systems. The wide range of selections from manual components to motorized components make expand flexibility.


  • bx51-p


    Olympus Polarizing Microscopes offer superb image quality in polarized light. In combination with versatile polarized accessories, Microscopes become effective tool for material identification, forensic analysis, and variety of materials study.


  • 20110811043028


    Olympus SZX/SZ Stereo Microscopes offer clear stereoscopic view with comfortable and ergonomic operation. Extensive types of frames with variety of optical options with wide range of zoom support various applications.


  • 20110711052815

    DP21 CCD 2.0 Mega Pixels

    Olympus Digital Cameras are exclusively designed for Microscopes and become indispensable options nowadays. All cameras are confirmed their best digital imaging performance with Olympus Microscopes and Imaging Analysis Software systems.


  • sf1_02

    Objective Lens

    Olympus infinity-corrected Objective Lenses guarantee the quality, flexibility and outstanding optical performance from visible light to near infrared light. Depending on requirements, extensive lineup ensure the availability of choice for your requirement.


  • 20110808044611

    LED Ringlight

    LED Ring Lamp (CTK-64LED)


  • 20120125100011

    DSX100 New!

    DSX100 Offers a New World of Observation and Measurement.


  • dsx500i

    DSX500i New!

    The DSX500i is a high-resolution inverted motorized scope with 13x zoom optics. This scope offers a new level of inverted metallographic microscopy with its operating simplicity and absolute reliability.


  • mx61l


    The MX61L/ MX61, 300 mm/ 200 mm semiconductor inspection microscope provides exceptional image resolution and clarity through observation methods such as brightfield, darkfield, differential interference contrast (DIC), fluorescence and infrared.


  • mx61a

    MX61A Automatic

    The MX61A is a specially designed semiconductor microscope that allows operators to work in an ergonomically correct position and benefit from smoother operation throughout extended inspection periods, maximizing productivity and integration.


  • mxir

    MX-IR / BX – IR

    These IR Imaging Systems contain dedicated IR objective lenses and components that are corrected for chromatic aberrations and designed for 700-1300nm wavelengths.


  • al120


    The AL120 wafer handler series transfers both silicon and compound semiconductor wafers from the cassette to the microscope stage with enhanced capabilities and flexibility, while maintaining an ergonomic design.


  • al120-12


    The AL120-12 wafer handler is compatible with both FOUP (Load Port) and FOSB, ideal for lower cost back-end inspection. The safe and ergonomic design maintains operator safety while effectively transferring wafers including thin and warped wafers.


  • gx51


    The GX51 inverted microscope provides stability to support excellent image clarity and superb resolution with high magnifications and comfortable operability with the option to add many accessories including digital cameras and software solutions.


  • gx41


    The GX41 inverted metallographic microscope is ideal for quick and reliable specimen assessment and for determining if metallurgical properties meet manufacturing specifications. Its compact and light weight body is enable portability.


  • bxfm-s


    The BXFM-S is a cost-effective, space-saving focus mount for brightfield microscopy. The focus mount can be used for optical bench, plain stand, or system integration due to its compact design and convenient mounting surface. Accepts a variety of objectives having standard or long working distances.


  • cx31-p


    The CX31-P microscope is ideal for polarized light observations. Compact in design , yet capable of technically advanced tasks such as retardation measurements , the CX31P is a wise choice for daily laboratory use.


  • SZX10


    The SZX10 microscope is the logical choice when working distance and field size are important. Our careful system selection of lens design allows the observation and documentation of specimens in their original, authentic colors without distortion.


  • SZX16


    The versatile SZX16 microscope is designed for very demanding applications with the ability to resolve 900 line pair/mm. Utilization of the full zoom range (0.7x - 11.5x) can be accomplished with our dual turret.


  • SZX7


    The SZX7 stereo microscope, features a 7:1 zoom ratio and built in Electro Static Discharge protection, uses an advanced Galilean optical system, providing brilliant highly resolved images with easy access controls for comfortable viewing at an affordable price


  • DP26

    DP26 CCD 5.0 Mega Pixels New!

    The DP26 is a 5 megapixel digital camera for microscopy with high-fidelity color reproduction and progressive scanning free from color shift, providing live images with superb quality, seamlessly integrated into the OLYMPUS Stream analysis software.


  • DP73

    DP73 CCD 12.8 Mega Pixels

    The Olympus DP73 high-performance Peltier cooled, digital color cameras offer the latest pixel-shifting technology with an extraordinary 17.28 megapixel resolution, 4 binning modes, and 14-bit A/D conversion for increased bit depth.


  • UC30

    UC30 Digital Camera

    The UC30 offers an excellent 3.2 megapixel resolution and fast frame rates with the added benefit of 2x and 3x color binning. Ideal for routine image acquisition in material science applications where quick and easy image documentation is paramount.


  • SC30

    SC30 Digital Camera

    The SC30 digital camera is ideal for entry-level industrial image documentation and incorporates a 3.3 megapixel CMOS sensor which reduces power consumption, and electronic noise.


  • XC30

    XC10 Digital Camera

    The XC10 is a 1.4 megapixel cooled color camera offering superior image quality and long exposure times, ideal for low light conditions. The XC10 camera has a resolution of 1,376 x 1,032 pixels.


  • absotec

    Absotec Compact ESD White Led RIng Illuminator




  • Model No. DT-SWM1500

    Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System for 8 & 12 inch

    Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System is specially designed to attach dicing tape on the back side of wafer and ring frame automatically, which contributes to improve quality and productivity in wafer dicing and die mount process. Model DT-SWM1500 is able to handle both 8 inch wafer and 12 inch wafer. Precut tape for Die attach process as well as Normal & UV tape can be applied With this machine and contributed to improve the better production by adding OCR Barcode label printer


  • Model No. DT-NWM1050DM

    Fully Automatic Wafer Mount System for 6 & 8 inch

    Model DT-NWM1050DM is able to handle both 6~8 inch wafer and contributed to improve the better production by adding OCR Barcode label printer, UV Irradiator or B/G remover.


  • Model No. DT-W&DT1250

    Fully Automated Mounting & Detaping System for 300

    This system is consecutively used for Wafer backgrinding >>>> UV Irradiation >>>> Dicing tape attachment >>>> B/G tape remove >>>> OCR Bar code labelling in one system by docking with Backgrinding machine


  • Model No. DT-ECS2030

    Fully Automatic Lamination System for 8 & 12 inch

    This equipment is designed to laminate Wafer B/G protective tape to the wafer pattern surface in order to protect wafer circuit from wafter breakage during back-grinding process.