We are the Exclusive Distributor of Olympus Industrial Microscopes in the Philippines. In-charge of the sales and service activities in the Philippines.



Corporate Mission


  • ·   Provide world class quality service and after sales support to ensure customer satisfaction and equipment performance.
  • ·   Protect customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees welfare and interests.
  • ·   Commanding assertion to become a major distributor of world class quality products and services for the semiconductor, electronic and data storage industry.
  • ·   Offer the best products and solutions at competitive cost of ownership.


Nature of Business


  • · Distribution and Representation
    • - Main industry and market channel of distribution are semiconductor, general electronics, mass storage, R&D and government institutions.
  • · Solutions Provider
    • - Offer and provide turn key solutions to semiconductor and electronic processes and automation related requirements and needs.
  • · Technical Support
    • - Provide on and off site technical, service and application support on all Cytek supported products. To be performed by trained technical specialist.